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2020: The Year of YOU

New Year - New You, Right?

How many times have we read posts on social media, and heard people say this? "When the new year comes, I am going to make all of these changes and improvements!" We set out to improve our overall being and lives when the clock strikes 12 midnight January 1st.

The reality is, many start, but few finish their annual goals formed for a new year.

This year, I vowed not to create new years resolutions... instead, I am going to focus on doing things that are going to make ME a better... ME!

I am focusing on spiritual growth - I want to read the Bible more, complete reading plans on my Bible app, and strengthen my prayer life. In a few weeks, I will be ordained to the office of Elder in church, and I want to make sure that my light shines and my walk matches my talk.

I am working towards achieving goals for health and wellness. Who wants to be morbidly obese in their 40's? I want to live a long life and need to be healthy to do so. I am changing my eating habits (NO. MORE. FAST. FOOD.), incorporating physical fitness, and changing my mindset about food and my emotions by attending Overeaters Anonymous. I am also thinking about joining Weight Watchers as another means of support.

I am working on improving my professional and personal development. I am registered for classes to complete another degree, as well as working towards achieving industry-specific certifications. I am also leaving organizations that are no longer beneficial to me achieving my goals, and I am joining others that will not only help me, but I can use my gifts to help the organization as well.

I am going to have FUN! Honestly, I have spent the last several years working... I mean, working anywhere between 50-70 hours a week. I have not had a vacation where I actually relaxed and enjoyed the environment in years. I plan to do staycations, one tank trips, and some long getaways this year. My goal is to take a trip once every two to three months. 2019 was a trying year professionally where I dedicated my entire year towards working. This year, I am not working extended hours, or picking up additional projects. My start time and end time is what I work.

2020 is not just a year where I set goals for the purpose of setting goals. This is the year of doing things for ME!

Instead of coming up with goals that will become obsolete and meaningless by February 1st, set ONE goal... Make 2020 the year of YOU! Do what makes you happy and will help you become your best person!

Happy New Year... Make this YOUR year!



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