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The Mean Girl Syndrome

Dear Lydia,

There are so many of you who profess to be “God’s Daughter,” “Woman of God,” “Pastor,” “Prophetess,” “First Lady,” “Minister,” and “Evangelists,” yet you have an ugly heart and a mean girl spirit. You bully and manipulate people with your posts, how you talk to other women (some may even admire and look up to you), your look down your nose attitude because you have a “title” that may not necessarily match the authentic calling on your life - or lack thereof (another Dear Lydia coming), and you have a superiority complex that’s demeaning. You talk about clicks in the church, yet you’re in the biggest network that causes so many women to flee from the church. You’re in the Mean Girl Network.

Sis, you will not effectively reach souls and bring a positive light to God and His word with your nasty attitude. If you want your ministry to be blessed, it’s time to look at yourself and see how maybe you are the primary reason and source of the issues in your ministry, and why you have difficulties cultivating positive, powerful and meaningful relationships, especially with other women.

Lydia was a boss who LOVED people. She opened her heart and her home up in order to draw more people closer to God (Acts 16:15; 40; Philippians 1:9-10). She authentically wanted to help people learn about Jesus and being a believer. She was a peaceful woman. She wasn’t messy. She didn’t have clicks. She wasn’t mean. For those reasons, God allowed her to have massive respect from the villagers, which in turn permitted her to have massive fortune and be set for life and multitudes of generations after her.

You don’t need to be mean to other people or try to dull their sunlight in order for you to shine. Be authentic. Be YOU. And be the best you can be to those around you. Spread a legacy of positivity instead of infecting other women with your negativity and in turn, create more mean girls.

The Lydia Leader Project is a spiritually-based program that helps women and girls become strong, Holy Ghost-filled business, entrepreneurial and ministry leaders.

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