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Learn to Discern

Dear Lydia,

PSA: learn to discern relationships. There are several types. We are so quick to label someone as a “friend,” but they don’t always earn the title. Some “friendships” are only relevant when someone is hosting events or when you’re money works for them. You’re not a friend. You’re a sponsor for that person’s event.

Friendship is not something that should be given to someone immediately. Relationships take time to grow and cultivate. There needs to be mutual understanding from both parties that friendship is a combination of loyalty, trust. love, respect and will be there for you when you are up or down. True friends will be your biggest cheerleader, as well as the one to tell you to get yourself together when you are out of line. True friends know you better than you know yourself, are are down with you no matter what. If that person doe not meet the above qualifications, they are not your friend, Lydia. They are an associate.

STOP giving people ALL of YOU, Lydia without them placing skin in the game for you. Make them EARN your time, talent, treasure and friendship! And NO, is a complete sentence. #thelydialeader #discernfolks #makethemEARNyou #youareworthit #guardyourspacepeaceandwallet

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