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Where Spiritual Women Grow in Business, Entrepreneurialism and Leadership

The Lydia Leader Project is a ministry that helps women lead in entrepreneurialism and business with a spiritual heart.  The Lydia Leader Project is based on the powerful woman named Lydia in the bible.

Lydia, who was an Asiatic, derived her name from the country on the borders of which her native city, Thyatira, was situated. She was a devout woman who worshipped God. While she wasn't a Christian, Lydia had a hunger for a deeper spiritual experience. She was eventually baptized and was converted to the Christian faith. Because of her conversion, she told her household and those in her circle and they were converted! Lydia became a woman after God's own heart.

Lydia possessed the following attributes that's important for women to have:

1. Lydia was a hospitable woman: She had a welcoming spirit and opened her home and heart to others so they too could learn about Christ. (1 Timothy 5:10; Hebrews 13:2; 1 Peter 4:9)

2. Lydia was a consecrated woman: The word consecrate means that you declare something as being sacred. Lydia treated herself and her home as a consecrated temple of God. Her home was used for worship and she presented herself as a living sacrifice to God with her reasonable service. (Romans 12:11)

3. Not Slothful in Business: Lydia took pride in being a consummate professional. She was known in the land as a woman who sold purple dyes and garments, which was considered extremely honorable and notable . As her business grew, she extended her growth to providing assistance in order to advance the kingdom of God. Lydia had no problem being a cheerful giver.

The Lydia Leader Project is a ministry that will help women build relationships, expand their territories, and learn how to use the primary tools that Lydia used to be successful in every area of life.

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Our Mission

“We inspire Clergywomen to pursue a life of genuine ministry and leadership by providing a safe sisterhood space to learn, grow and become the woman that God has called them to be.”

Our Purpose

We help create and develop new women and girl clergy and business leaders. While our primary objective is to work with emerging leaders, we provide assistance and support to existing women leaders. We believe that when women are equip to lead, our communities, organizations and world is a better place.

Our Services

We provide education, training, networking, products, conferences and other resources. We can also create tailored programs for your church or organization upon request.

Our Core Values

S- Selflessness

E- Excellence

R- Respect

V- Vision

I- Integrity

C- Celebration

E- Empowerment


The Lydia Leader Project is proud to announce the launch of our exclusive product line. From t-shirts to planners to sub boxes, we have everything you will need to be a successful Lydia at home, on your job, with your business or at your spiritual house of Worship!

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