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Dear Lydia Prayer Journal and Business Planner

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Are you looking to take your prayer life to another level of manifestation? Do you have some areas that need improvement and special attention from God? Would you like to develop a deeper intimacy in terms of communicating with God? This journal was created with you in mind!

Dear Lydia: Prayer and Meditation Journal will help you take your prayers to the next level. This 31-day journey allows you to focus on three specific areas that you would like God to work on your behalf. You will be guided each day with a structured method of asking and believing. There is a pre-prayer, mid-prayer and post-prayer checkpoints where you can record what God is doing in your life.

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Are you an emerging or existing business leader who is in need of organizing all aspects of your life, including your business affairs? Are to tired of keeping multiple planners or writing your plans on paper and napkins. This planner was created with you in mind!

The Lydia Leader Planner is a powerful tool and resource that will take your business from good to amazing. There is no planner on the market that provides a full yearly Business Plan Section, Bible Study and Prayer, Vision Board and other valuable resources that will keep you organized. The planner calendar is undated, so you can purchase and use any time of the year. Purchase of this planner will also give access to our exclusive Dear Lydia Planning Group.

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Welcome to the beginning of YOUR new life! Looking to transform your mindset? Want to change your career and professional direction? Have a burning desire to learn how to speak to the masses or lead a team? Deonna Moore Taylor and Taylored Moore Consulting is here to help you go from good to EXTRAORDINARY in the most important areas of your life.


In Response to the Global Pandemic and a Call for Social Reform

A Change MUST Come

May 19, 2022

For over two and a half years, our country and world has felt the devastation and continued aftermath of a global pandemic that has left millions in health and financial crisis. With millions of lives loss due to COVID-19, and those who continue to recover from the virus, we have been tested on every hand. We have seen a sharp rise in mental illness and addiction, as well as difficulties from people who continue to struggle with the social isolation and distancing due to this virus. My prayers continue to be with those who are dealing with this pandemic, as I too have experienced my own share of difficulties as a result.


Additionally, we continue to witness racial injustice, discrimination and vile acts against black and brown Americans. Besides the fact that we have witnessed several high profile cases involving law enforcement, we are now seeing a rapid increase in crimes from supremacists and people who's heart and soul is deeply rotted and hearts are riddled with hate and vitriol. The latest massacre in Buffalo, New York shook many to their core. 10 innocent people who were simply going about their day and doing something so basic as grocery shopping were violently and needlessly taken from their families and community due to a pure act of hatred. We pray for their families, as well as the three who were injured. We also send prayers to a community rocked to their core trying to make sense of something that simply doesn't.  As of this month there have been nearly 200 mass shootings this year. With all of this, one thing is clear: Racism is a global public health issue and emergency.

Intolerance and hatred of all kind continues to be a prevalent issue in all societies. However, it is up to each of us individually to have the courage to stand up and denounce racial prejudices, intolerant attitudes and injustice. Call it what it is and be on the right side of history by becoming a champion for the cause. Everyone has the right to be who they are no matter what they look like or their background. Moreover, we all are entitled to live a life filled with peace, love and happiness. No one has the right or authority to take what God has said is ours away from us.

The late Fannie Lou Hamer quoted at the 1964 Democratic National Convention "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired." Her words nearly 60 years ago ring true today. While we may feel sick and tired of being sick and tired of injustice, hate and violence, now is not the time to give up. Ms. Hamer recognized that the one way things will change is if we exercise our ability to vote. Our voice can move mountains and make the necessary changes. This one thing that many refuse to do, and is now on the verge of being taken away again, can help change the laws we have and those who are in charge of making them.

Be the change that you need to see and live in. Now is not the time to grow weary. We must PRAY and ACT.

I stand in solidarity with the movement for change.






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